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Sorry to all following

I have had to do some serious refurb work on the house i.e walls down, new kitchen, flooring through out top and bottom decorating and garden landscaping front and back. Have to toe the line 😉. However now we are not living in a building site I have now been given permission from the boss to finish off my spannering. I am sorry if any questions have been unanswered but, I had to totally withdraw from my bike so as not to get distracted. So here we go, watch this space.

The names within BLD who are responsible for keeping this project alive. * Thank you *

Please look at the names below and remember they are responsible for this bike moving forward.  Without these people I would not be writing this and for that I can not thank you all enough.  Please take a bow and watch this bike ,with all your names on it, break the record for the fastest 900cc in the world!

Stuart Dobson —— Director

Jim Burgess——— Work Shop

Cheryl Steel——— Centre Manager

Terry Spencer—— Art Work

Steve Wilkinson— Art Work

Dave Nicholls——- Art Work

Laura Hamilton—- Work Shop Administrator

 Dan Collins———- Work shop

Darren Bottomley- Was – Left. Workshop

Any project with these names behind it could not possibly fail and finally; thank you all so much and see you all soon.

*THE* most professional motorbike company in the world!

This is were it all started! The bike needed a paint job that would surpass any other paint job in the world.  Whilst designing the bike I was also looking for a company to be able to deliver this requirement and after searching the length and breadth of the country I discovered the web site of the B.L.D Group.

BLD is a bike company run and owned by bikers and staff so professional you would not believe.  This company is so  ‘bike orientated’ it was a dream come true! They pledged their help right from the start recognising my plight and the ‘shoe string budget’ and for that I owe them so much and without their support and skills set I truly believe the project would be dead in the water.  Listed above is an acknowledgement and please take the time to read it.  Please click on the B.L.D. logo on my page and it will take you into their company and you can see for yourself why I am so grateful to the B.L.D Group.  Whist picking up my paint job I was offered a tour of the workshops in the in the Bournemouth department.  They have everything needed to repair anything!! Fantastic, form frame jigging, specialised welding, sand blasting,  the best paint artists, to general repair.  They have the lot and don’t forget they have departments in Southampton and Birmingham as well.  What a company.

Back in the seat!

Had a little academia distraction that I will have finished by July and its been awful not being able to go near my bike, but needs must and rest assured from July it will be full on as I am hungry for the record for the fastest gpz900 in the world!

Radiator and oil cooler fitted!!

Well as all you gpz boffins know the raditor his held on by the top fairing frame so more fabrication was needed and new fitting brackets for the after market oil cooler. Just click on the images to supersize. It just does not look like a full days work.

Redline Hydraulics! What a company to have supporting you.

Redline Hydraulics have very kindly offered to help with getting all the vital fluids around the bike and to be honest without these guys I would have struggled to complete the bike build.  This company in my opinion is probably the best fluid motion transfer company in the whole of the U.K. and feel privaliged that they are stepping in to help. Don’t just take my word for it, click on their logo in the supporters list and have a look at what they do, they are brilliant.  

Thanks guys.

Manifold to turbo.

manifold 026At last the manifold is made and connected.  Both supercharger and turbo are now conected which just leaves the engine build and the help of our new supporter to connect it all up and get the oil around the engine. I would like to thank Sam from the gpz zone for shipping the pipes over from Ireland and Rob Barnes with his patience with my crazy ideas and his welding.

Briliiant news!

After struggling with getting oil around the engine, rocker shafts, new style oil cooler, turbo and maitaining the pressure needed at the extreme revolutions the engine will produce, thankfully a  Worcester company who in my opinion are probably the best hydraulic and fluid solutions company in the U.K. have stepped into to help and for that I am eternaly greatful.  Keep watching for news of the company and pictures of the fantastic service they can offer.  Kamazoy ( you must check out their I.T services ) are at present working hard with their busy schedule to link the company in their own proffesional way and I am glad these guys are on board working the site and the back up  (24/7)  when I screw up with my posts or crash my computers.

All connected and yes it fits!! Thanks Bob and Rob.

People who do what they say they can!

They have actually done it.  Bob Kelly and Rob Barnes, when it comes to engineering something you do it!  I wish I had come to you last year.  Twelve wasted months on the first manifold that was never going to happen and now the bike is back on track.  Thank you both.

Just got to get final fixing dimensions for the map sensor and waste gate and the bosses that are welded in position can be finish machined and the end caps welded on the plenum. More pics to follow.