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One of a kind

Early stages

Only just fits!

Well here we go, this will be the only one of its kind in the world so it had better be worth it.

It all started by wanting to stick a wider back wheel on and sort of spiraled from that. I work in a motorcycle environment so it seemed fitting to do something radical.

I am lucky to work with people who in their own field are very knowledgeable and  would only be able to carry out what I want to do by tapping on their expertise which will prove invaluable. Several people will be involved in this project as time goes on but, for now the pictures shown show a complete modified frame made to house an Eaton 45 supercharger and xj1300r swing arm. I am hoping to get 300bhp from this by running 2bar boost from the supercharger.

Guys helping me (Steve and Ross) think I should be certified (along with my ever patient wife Lin) but, humor me nonetheless.

The next time I will be able to work on this will be half term when I hope to have the frame finished.