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End of Half Term

It’s still on the kickstand, but half terms are the only times available to work on it.

There is other work behind the scenes going on with the crank being cross drilled, balanced, knife-edged and the sourcing of funds to buy a set of custom pistons.

Fitting the tank

Getting the lines right.

The seat and tail fairing

Now that was bloody hard to get that to line up but, there it is.

This is where I had to call on the skills of a carbon fiber specialist by the name of a Mr S Dixon. The tank and body work has to be designed and made from scratch.

This guy (although bloody expensive) comes well recommended because this part needs to be right not just from a health and safety issue with a tank load of high octane fuel between my legs but, the design and lines of the tank can make or brake the project.

Headstock modification

The headstock modification took a little more sorting out than I thought as the front end I have fitted comes from a zx10r with a totally different frame so a lot more of the back bone of the frame had to be cut out than I bargained but, its only steel and I can weld some more in.

The billet yoke clamp was machined by the legendary Mr J Emerson as all the bore centers and diameters had to be spot on and he is the man for the job.

The frame gets more work

The frame line is good so the jockey wheel is going to work.

More works of art

This took some figuring out because as well as clamping forces welding cast aluminium is no easy task…

Next step the high pressure fuel rail. The aluminium m/c tubes by the side are inlet tubes and are machined (Mr Emerson) to tight tolerances because the air velocity will have to be calculated ( Mr Dixon ) so it hits the inlet valve after rebounding off the plenum chamber and if the inlet bores are different sizes the induction will not be correct.