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RS Motorbike Paint

RS Motorbike Paint have also very kindly offered to support the project!

It’s with the kind support of generous companies like this that my project will be a success.

Please visit them and tell them Kev with the supercharger sent you!

Thank you!

Worcester Powder Coating ltd

I am very pleased to thank Worcester Powder Coating ltd as they have kindly offered to powder-coat elements of the bike.

I am very lucky to have sponsors on board like these and could not continue working on this project without their kind support.

Thanks guys!

A quick status update

With the cutting, cursing and welding out of the way I just thought I would give a progress report on all the other behind the scenes stuff.

The low compression  pistons are coming from J.E Pistons in the states and will take 4-6 weeks for delivery, the crank is being cross drilled, knife edged , balanced and will be ready in 2 weeks (god knows how I am going to pay for it!).

The cams are already here from Kent cams (these have an extra 1.5 mm lift) so tis time now for the engine strip and build (time for Steve and Ross the power boys to earn their coin as 300 BHP  350 BHP is still on the cards) so keep looking and I will keep updating.

That’s the power taken care of

That’s the power taken care of.

Is that it?!

Well if somebody told me thats was 6 months work I would have them certified because it certainly doesn’t look like it but, I can assure you it is.

The seat (god bless it!)

As this is a virgin frame there was no support structure for the seat, fairing, grab rail or seat lock so it all had to be fabricated and welded bearing in mind there are no drawings so it all had to be worked out as I went along.

High pressure fuel rail

Fuel rail in and fits.

Because this engine was carburetor a fuel rail had to be made and this is it, as you can see it is bolted straight onto the head and made from aluminium extrusion with outlets turned up by Thomas Lewis-Night and welded by yours truly.

This will run at 3 bar pressure.

Dreamland Motorcycle Paint Shop

Dreamland Motorcycle Paint Shop have very kindly offered to sponsor the paint job for the bike in its entirety – kudos to them and many thanks.

Anyone looking for a high quality finish to their ride should check out http://www.dreamlandmotorcyclepaintshop.co.uk/ – tell them Kev with the supercharged GPZ 900R sent you!

The back end on.

The back end on. It’s starting to look like something that I can actually sit on, as opposed to a metal monster.

This bike-building stuff is bloody hard … !

I am at present talking to people regarding power-coating the frame and wheels, and will have someone on board soon.

Regarding the rest of the bike, Dreamland Motorcycle Paint Shop have said that they’ll send me some designs and I’ll post them on here as soon as I get them.

Supercharger Line-Up

And they said it couldn’t be done!