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Soon be time to clay it up.

Starting to take a good birdseye view shape.

The "Waspy" look.

The tank filler cap has arrived and the fixings to hold the side panels on. I have it on good authority that the bodywork will be complete half-term week so watch this space its going to be awsom!

New supporter: Vantasias

Vantasias for all your Camper & Commercial vehicle conversions

Vantasias is the company to have on your side when you want high class auto-trimming and upholstery.

They have very kindly donated their skills to upholster the seat, so if yours looks tired or ripped, check this company out – they are probably the best in their field!

And now the hand crafted carbon fibre work starts.

Now the art work begins and I am glad I am not doing it!

The carbon fibre work is all going to be done by S. Dixon ( probably the best  carbon fiber sculptor  in automotive today) who has very kindley offered to donate all of his skills and time. With the wealth of knowledge and skills he possesses  in the field you just you just know the body shape going to be awsome!

This will be the perfect blank canvass for the paint boys.

 The bike will not have a full fairing, just a belly pan and head light fairing.

New sponsor: RK Wadley

Need a metal polisher in the West Midlands? When you need industrial strength metal polishing in Somerset or the services of professional metal polishers in Worcester it is time to put down the phone book and simply call 01905 831 479.

I am very proud to have RK Wadley provide their metal polishing services to my project to help that not only does the bike sound good – it looks good too!