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Filler cap in place.

The craftsmanship speaks for itself.

The tank is now to be polished and then bees waxed apparently with the side panel molds having another layer of clay then polished and then waxed, pure genius.

The flange mount for the pump machined to size from stainless steel(courtesy of Mr J Emerson) to be drilled, tapped and glassed into the bottom.Mr R Bethell is now working on the fuel delivery caculating fuel rate and pressure to make sure it does the 300 BHP barrier.

Pump flange machined from stainless steel by Mr J Emerson.

Now Then !

The clay work starts.

The lines this guy has achieved are pretty awsome considering it was all carved from a solid block with no dimensions or shape.

This will give you some indication of the work involved to ensure a perfect fit to the frame.

This is a shot of the filler that is now to be cut in. This has to be set in at just the right depth as it will spoil the whole look of the body work if this is even slightly wrong. The stainless coupling ring also has to be machined up to take the pump which will then be secured into the bottom of the tank so its time to sweet talk the man who talks to the machines Mr J Emerson.