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BLD Group

A warm welcome and gracious thanks to the BLD Group for offering to do the paintwork on my project.

Alongside legal defence and repairs, they are the specialists when it comes to custom paint jobs and have a section on their website which shows you the custom paintwork that they have done for customers in the past.

The project would not succeed without the help and support of all of my sponsors – comparing them to a pack of cards, I am lucky enough to now have a full house.

Just a recap on work done.

The frame is now off to Worcester Powder Coating who I must say after seeing what the company produces and their set up I dont think I would trust anybody else with this project, these guys  in my opinion are the best in the field when it comes to powder coating. There is possibly one more company coming on board, I am just waiting for their permission to post them and then with these guys on board all you can do is watch this space as its going to be awesome!  There are some top companies involved with this project and I thank them all because without these guys it would not have happened. It will now be the turn of the engine, the pistons are low compression 8.5 to 1 and are  coming in from the states (J.E. Pistons ). The cams are here ( extra 1.5mm lift) from Kent cams and the crank has been cross drilled,knife edged and balanced. The special blue metal flake paint is coming courtesy of R.S Paints who are on top when it comes to supplying the pro paint you need. Lets have a look back but, before we do a special thank you to Mike Moore who is leaving Worcester College probably because he keeps getting roped into making things for the project all the time so good luck Mike and thank you for all you have done.

The back cut off and new one in place.

Second build and strip to prove fork rake.

This was the 4th buld to see if the pulley line from the supercharger to the crank lined up.

Guess what, it did. More luck than judgement.

Oh I remember this build.

WOW did it realy look like that?

Worceter Powder Coating here we come!

Standing SIX FOOT TALL! and finished.

 Its time now to hand it over to Worcester Powder Coating

Can you tell what parts are made by me?

Looks nice and peacful sleeping.