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To the supporters. Without their backing this project would not be here.

The build can now at last commence! There have been some issues regarding the piston manufacturing in order for the bike to do what it is claimed ( stupidly fast )  but, now all the figures have been collated from various people and J.E pistons are now going to manufacture them. The crank is finished to spec and the con rods are being balanced to the crank as the engine will run at 16000 rpm. The body work has taken a little longer with consideration having to be given to the 3 Bar fuel pump which was going to be fitted inside the tank but, will now have to be external so on that note hopefully in a couple of weeks time it will be on this site finished primed in all its glory (thanks to Steve Dixon)  before it all goes down to B.L.D  Group along with me to meet the guys there. I just know with their  paint job, Vantasias upholstering and R.K. Wadley’s metal finishing along with all the other supporters work it will stand out in any exhibition.  So a big THANK YOU to you  the people who are making this happen and of course Kamazoy for keeping my old lap top going (top bloke ) so I can publish this.

God bless Worcester powder coating.Now then the build can start!