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It gives me great pleasure to announce…

…the extremely knowledgeable (and generous) chaps at Eaton have kindly donated both expertise and equipment to my project.

Eaton is the largest OEM supercharger manufacturer in the world, producing application-specific units for Aston Martin, Buick Park Avenue Ultra, Riviera and Regal GS, Ford Thunderbird Coupe, Mercury Cougar XR-7, Jaguar, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Oldmobile Eighty-Eight and Ninety-six, Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and Bonneville, Volkswagen and co since 1989

On Monday 28th, a courier delivered to the college an Eaton M24 supercharger. This means the bike will be comfortably exceeding the target of 300bhp+ and I can’t wait to get it all fitted together.

My sincerest thanks goes out to the team at Eaton for not only producing fantastic quality equipment but for donating it so kindly to the project and for supporting good causes around the world.

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