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New supporter: EBC Brakes

I am overwhelmed with the amount of generosity that new supporters are showing and it gives me great pleasure to welcome EBC Brakes to the project.

EBC Brakes is the world number one aftermarket range of motorcycle brakes and has been market leader since 1979 with over 60 million sets of brakes sold. EBC pads fall into two range, Kevlar organics that are produced in Bristol UK and the Double-H sintered made in the EBC factory in Ohio USA.

Both pads offer superb brake effect and have passed the tests for the upcoming ECE R 90 brake safety regulations, making EBC the first and only company to obtain an approval for an organic pad that will even replace a sintered original.

Organic pads are priced below the sintered but the sintered pads have the longer life.

EBC also produce the worlds largest range of automotive brakes and produce some famous compounds such as the Greenstuff, Redstuff and Yellowstuff ranges for sport and premium car users.

Many thanks to EBC Brakes for their support.

The only brake company in the world I would trust with this bike are coming on board!!

Obviously building a bike like this needs brakes to stop it but, when you think of the forces involved it has got to be a braking system second to none!  The only people in the world  I will  trust with  my life with  have said they will support the project and donate the brake rotors and pads. I am just waiting for draft approval before posting but, just wait  it will be worth it. The supporters of the bike and only they,  are making this happen. Thank you all and I really mean that.