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A massive thank you to Samco Sport.

The world leader in performance silicon hoses have stepped in to save the day. The bike is now so over budget and so close to being finished but, no consideration had been given to the hoses needed. Because of the temperatures and pressures the engine will deliver steel hoses surround the cases but, they have to be joined with a top quality hose that would be second to none and that is where Samco came in to keep the project alive. So Mark and Samco we thank you.

John Emerson, the man behind all the machining that will make the bike work.

This bike is designed from several types, makes and styles of bike and, as you can imagine, nothing will fit without modifications and machining which John very kindly gives up his own time from his hectic schedule; for this I thank him.

You can see the images inserted of a complete rear axle and spacers to make a zx6r rear wheel fit an xjr 1300 swing arm (amazing!) also the pulleys made from just a billet with a pitch machined to perfection to match the pitch of the supercharged belts. These then had to be drilled to take the fixings accurately, taking into consideration these will spin at 16000 RPM and thats were Dave Price stepped in to ensure the drilling of the fixings were so accurate so they would not be out of balance. The work and skills  you both poses have enabled the bike to get nearer to completion – thank you to both Dave and John.