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To the supporters Kamazoy & Very Creative.Org

Without you I would not be able to publish, so for your professional support I thank you!

The Master of metal finishing makes his Mark!

This project is a one off recognised around the world now and to trust anybody else other than R.K Wadley with the finish I wanted would have been  a train wreck. Mark is a perfectionist in any form of metal finishing as you can see from the pics, ( they do not do it justice) so for any type of  restoration  give him a call, his work is awesome and his prices will fit your pocket. Mark I thank you its brilliant! Double click the images.

Vantasias! O.M.G Want your seat done then look no further.

This seat was upholstered by Di at Vantasias and she can make any leather look absolutely awesome with her machining skills, her fantastic eye and hand skills  in my opinion are  the best in the world. Her work is sought after by the most prestige’s car and bike  owners and for Di to make this seat for the bike as a donation to the project is fantastic and as you can see it is the icing on the cake so if you want some high quality work at a very reasonable price just click the web-site and call her! Di thank you it’s fantastic.