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RS Bike Paint! Their paint should be on every bike out there.

The supporters of this bike have all gone that extra mile, Samco Sport have cured the problem linking the  turbo to the supercharger, B.L.D Group are now putting their mark on the body work which will make it stand out in any show and RS Bike Paint  have now finalised the paint for the engine. The paint that RS supply is awesome, I have used some paint in my time but, I wish I had heard of these guys 10 years ago my god it would have been so much easier. Their paint is fantastic and they know their stuff. I did not know you could paint Aluminium, it just used to peel off before but, with the customer support from RS and the right application you can paint pretty much anything with their products and it looks bloody good when finished. RS  Bike paint are supplying the pewter colour paint for the engine. Imagine that, painting an engine that gets so hot it boils water and still does not peel or flake, superb! RS We salute your product and thank you for your support.

The B.L.D. Group are the only company on this planet I would trust to paint my bike!

B.L.D have stuck with me from day one and for that I am so grateful (its been a long haul). Their professional support has enabled a dream to become reality and for that I thank you. The panels and tank as you can imagine being a one off have had to be custom made and for  the tank I must say a special thank you to Steve Dixon who without his craftsmanship with G.R.P body sculpting, I would have been dead in the water. The body work is now all complete and I will be taking it down to meet the guys behind the ultimate paint job hopefully next week. Just click on their logo and go into the custom paint gallery to see why these guys are without doubt the best!