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BLD Group go from strength to strength!!

BLD Group have very patiently been waiting in the wings for almost 2 years since they offered their support back in June 2010 and I am so glad these guys kept that professional stand. I did not envisage the long road that lay in wait building this bike, so it’s fantastic that they’re honouring their pledge.

In only two years I have seen a massive growth in the company and when I went down to drop the bodywork in I could see why. Their premises are just fantastic and the customer support in my opinion second to none. The staff are so friendly and certainly know their stuff. I did not realise how much they actually do there as they not only repair bikes, you get anything from your chain tensioned to a complete rebuild!

The paintshop not only offer a perfect match back to factory specifications they also offer a custom paint facility where the only limitation is your imagination and the art work is up there with the best in the world and as the bike will be shown all over the country it needs the best possible paint job.

My finishing work on the body has left these guys wondering what sort of accident the bike was in, but look at the pictures of what I dropped off and stay tuned for the finished result; it will astound you!

If you are in the area check BLD out or if you are not then ride down there to  see them, I did and the 300 mile trip was worth it! Thank you Daniel and all of you at BLD.