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Now we have made International interest!

Below is a copy of an email received regarding writing an article about the bike and we are thrilled to reach countries like this, it’s fantastic. The fabrication and machining for merging  the turbo and supercharger into the induction chambers is all but finished and I will put some pictures of it up next week. It has took some working out to get the supercharger to gate out at 5 PSI but, all done and a coat of RS paint and it will look the business.


From: Sameer Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 5:21 PM To: Kevin Dainty Subject: Re: Supercharged GPZ900R
Hi Kevin That’s great. Once it’s ready, I’m sure your GPZ will be one of the coolest, fastest 900s in the world. I’d request that once the bike is ready, you send me whatever technical details there are, regarding engine mods whatever other work that’s gone into building the bike. Please also send some high-resolution photographs of the bike to go with the story. Will also need one photograph of you with the bike, which would go with the interview that we do with you. Yes, once you send some information about the completed bike, I will send some 5 – 7 questions to you, which we will run as an interview. Apart from Faster and Faster, the story, pics and your interview will also go to some leading bike magazines here in India, for which I write as a freelancer.
Will send you a quick reminder in June and if the bike is ready then, we’ll take things forward at that time. Thank you very much!
Regards, Sameer www.fasterandfaster.net<http://www.fasterandfaster.net>