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Just a little more engine work for RS to make good with their paint.

The full engine rebuild is now under way and the crank from no other than Steve Baker arrives this weekend and I will surely post the pics. Steve is notorious amongst the race scene and as you will see he can work any engine to the limit. Just wait for the pictures of the way he has worked the crank.

The engine build with pictures starts now and lets see what RS Paints can do with these cases.

The induction inlet is almost there so I thought I would start to put all the goodies I have bought into the engine. Every seal and bearing is going to be replaced and of course the legendary starter clutch. The oil pressure has been taken care of and extra oil lines to the rocker shafts  along with the feed to the turbo are now being fitted, I will admit the gravity from the turbo into the sump has been a pain but, the legendary John Emerson and Dave Price will get it. Of course RS will make the engine cases absolutly out of this world so please keep waching.

Look what RS Paints can do!

I wanted the best paint finsh on my engine and thats a job for R.S. Motorcycle Paints, just look at this!


Supercharger/Turbo inlet mixer from the imagination to finshed machined fabrication and a finish from R.S. Paints

This was a headache and a half to bypass the supercharger at just the right time for the turbo to spool up but, with my attempt at aluminium fabrication and welding the legend John Emerson and Dave Price save the day with some out of this world machining skills and of course to back it all up an RS Paints finish. Thank you all.

Supercharger pulley arrangement lines up!

Just before the engine build the final check of the pulley arrangement is final. The pulleys have been machined from solid billets by no other than John Emerson himself.