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Train Wreck!

This was the the body work delivered by me to BLD.  I thought security would have thrown me out!  The welcome they extended to me was awesome!  Looking at my hard work with the body work preparation I knew it was not even close.  They said it was almost there.  How polite and positive is that?  Fantastic welcome; I had a tour, met the team, shown other bikes they had brought back to life, had a coffee and other services they have to offer.  What a brilliant company, everything a bike owner needs under one roof.  Paint work is just one of the services offered by BLD and every service is meticulously carried out by pasionate bike people, owners and riders.  BLD is the only company in the world I would trust with this bike and just keep watching to see why.  Showing the bike nationally requires the perfect paint  finish and BLD will be the icing on the cake.


Crank plasta guaged and ready!!!

The engine may run to 18000 rpm and as I am trying to get every  ounce of power out of this engine the crank had to be right. I asked Steve Baker if he would help.   He machined the crank; balanced it along with the conrods and knife edged it as only he can.  The engine needed his input and I am so grateful for the help.  Thanks Steve.  Just click on the images for supersize.