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Radiator and oil cooler fitted!!

Well as all you gpz boffins know the raditor his held on by the top fairing frame so more fabrication was needed and new fitting brackets for the after market oil cooler. Just click on the images to supersize. It just does not look like a full days work.

Redline Hydraulics! What a company to have supporting you.

Redline Hydraulics have very kindly offered to help with getting all the vital fluids around the bike and to be honest without these guys I would have struggled to complete the bike build.  This company in my opinion is probably the best fluid motion transfer company in the whole of the U.K. and feel privaliged that they are stepping in to help. Don’t just take my word for it, click on their logo in the supporters list and have a look at what they do, they are brilliant.  

Thanks guys.

Manifold to turbo.

manifold 026At last the manifold is made and connected.  Both supercharger and turbo are now conected which just leaves the engine build and the help of our new supporter to connect it all up and get the oil around the engine. I would like to thank Sam from the gpz zone for shipping the pipes over from Ireland and Rob Barnes with his patience with my crazy ideas and his welding.