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Radiator and oil cooler fitted!!

Well as all you gpz boffins know the raditor his held on by the top fairing frame so more fabrication was needed and new fitting brackets for the after market oil cooler. Just click on the images to supersize. It just does not look like a full days work.


  • Jan 13th 201420:01
    by Mickey Dee

    This project is looking more and more amazing as it comes along! Good things come to those who wait, and this GPz is going to be phenomenal when it’s buttoned up! Thank you for sharing all this info about the GPz and its progress, this has truly been an amazing build to see unfold!

  • Mar 13th 201420:03
    by Kev

    Thank you for your interest. Been a bit busy finishing my degree, but light at the end of the tunnel with only two papers left to write and in July it gets my full attention.

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