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*THE* most professional motorbike company in the world!

This is were it all started! The bike needed a paint job that would surpass any other paint job in the world.  Whilst designing the bike I was also looking for a company to be able to deliver this requirement and after searching the length and breadth of the country I discovered the web site of the B.L.D Group.

BLD is a bike company run and owned by bikers and staff so professional you would not believe.  This company is so  ‘bike orientated’ it was a dream come true! They pledged their help right from the start recognising my plight and the ‘shoe string budget’ and for that I owe them so much and without their support and skills set I truly believe the project would be dead in the water.  Listed above is an acknowledgement and please take the time to read it.  Please click on the B.L.D. logo on my page and it will take you into their company and you can see for yourself why I am so grateful to the B.L.D Group.  Whist picking up my paint job I was offered a tour of the workshops in the in the Bournemouth department.  They have everything needed to repair anything!! Fantastic, form frame jigging, specialised welding, sand blasting,  the best paint artists, to general repair.  They have the lot and don’t forget they have departments in Southampton and Birmingham as well.  What a company.

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