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The names within BLD who are responsible for keeping this project alive. * Thank you *

Please look at the names below and remember they are responsible for this bike moving forward.  Without these people I would not be writing this and for that I can not thank you all enough.  Please take a bow and watch this bike ,with all your names on it, break the record for the fastest 900cc in the world!

Stuart Dobson —— Director

Jim Burgess——— Work Shop

Cheryl Steel——— Centre Manager

Terry Spencer—— Art Work

Steve Wilkinson— Art Work

Dave Nicholls——- Art Work

Laura Hamilton—- Work Shop Administrator

 Dan Collins———- Work shop

Darren Bottomley- Was – Left. Workshop

Any project with these names behind it could not possibly fail and finally; thank you all so much and see you all soon.


  • Apr 29th 201411:04
    by Steve D

    Come on, we need to see the bodywork on the frame. It’ll rust away at the rate you’re going (and you’ll need to retake your bike licence in a couple of years)

  • Apr 4th 201715:04
    by Donnie

    Any progress since 2014? I’ve been keeping an eye out every so often, but haven’t seen any updates since this one.

  • Apr 4th 201716:04
    by Kev

    Complete refurb of house I am afraid but, now at last does not look like a building site and have permission to carry on from the boss. Oh and won’t rust its powder coated, when you up for a beer?

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