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The last post on this project

On 31st March 2019, my Dad, Kev — the author of this blog and owner of this project — passed away.

I’m not sure if anyone is following this blog any more, but to explain the silence, here’s roughly what happened after his previous post.

In August 2017 he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and had a hasty operation to have a lung removed. He attempted to continue working past that point, but did not have the energy to do so, and reduced his working hours down to a manageable point, but was not able to do this so stopped working altogether. Teaching, especially the dark arts of welding, metalwork and other things, was his passion and his gateway to do things on the gpz9 bike, and I imagine this was a very sad time for him.

He then continued his cancer treatment to try and ensure the cancer did not spread. At the end of his chemo and radiotherapy he was given a very cautious all-clear, but this was short-lived as they then found other tumours in his other lung and one of his kidneys. It was here that the prognosis

Kev and his wife, Lin, moved down to Somerset to enjoy the rest of the time they had together and Lin also then gave up her job to care for him.

In March 2019 he had a turn for the worst, suffering from an arrhythmia he collapsed in a hospital in Taunton whilst waiting for a check-up. He was admitted and stayed there for a couple of weeks, before being transferred to Minehead Community Hospital where he was waiting to be transferred home with a palliative care plan.

Unfortunately the care plan was not able to be put in place in time, and he passed away in his sleep in hospital.

The funeral service is being held next week in Taunton.

I will be preserving this blog for another 12 months, and if anyone wishes to contact me to enquire about this blog, the bike, or my father, my details can be found on danieldainty.com

Thanks for following. I know Kev got a lot of happiness from the project, and I sincerely thank all of those people who made it possible.

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