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People who do what they say they can!

They have actually done it.  Bob Kelly and Rob Barnes, when it comes to engineering something you do it!  I wish I had come to you last year.  Twelve wasted months on the first manifold that was never going to happen and now the bike is back on track.  Thank you both.

Just got to get final fixing dimensions for the map sensor and waste gate and the bosses that are welded in position can be finish machined and the end caps welded on the plenum. More pics to follow.


People who say they can and people who can!!!!

Total disaster has struck!!!

After waiting twelve months and numerous promises from the guy who said he could do the manifold, it does not fit!  Fortunately Bob Kelly and Rod Barns have stepped into save the day.  These guys’ are professionals in their fields and know now the bike is in safe hands. Thanks guys and I am sorry you have to pick up the mess this person has left.

Train Wreck!

This was the the body work delivered by me to BLD.  I thought security would have thrown me out!  The welcome they extended to me was awesome!  Looking at my hard work with the body work preparation I knew it was not even close.  They said it was almost there.  How polite and positive is that?  Fantastic welcome; I had a tour, met the team, shown other bikes they had brought back to life, had a coffee and other services they have to offer.  What a brilliant company, everything a bike owner needs under one roof.  Paint work is just one of the services offered by BLD and every service is meticulously carried out by pasionate bike people, owners and riders.  BLD is the only company in the world I would trust with this bike and just keep watching to see why.  Showing the bike nationally requires the perfect paint  finish and BLD will be the icing on the cake.


Crank plasta guaged and ready!!!

The engine may run to 18000 rpm and as I am trying to get every  ounce of power out of this engine the crank had to be right. I asked Steve Baker if he would help.   He machined the crank; balanced it along with the conrods and knife edged it as only he can.  The engine needed his input and I am so grateful for the help.  Thanks Steve.  Just click on the images for supersize.

At last!!!!!!

Well finally the garage space has been cleared for the engine build and it seems to have taken forever and a day but its ready. I now have box’s   and jars to sort out and start the jigsaw, but hey I can’t wait to get started. What will make it more enjoyable is the paint  on the cases provided by RS paints and I will say any paint you need give these people a call because I believe these are the best on the planet.

RS Paints take care of the engine cases with their engine paint.

I am so glad R.S Paints decided to help out with the paint, just look what they have done.

Thank you all at R.S. Paints.

Supercharger/Turbo chamber in place!!

Here we go. Mixer for both Supercharger and Turbo finished and in place with the centers to the cylinder head spot on. Now the tricky bit, measuring and machining the induction chamber to connect up. This is now down to  ( Professor ) John Cowie and Dave Price the solid works design men. It will have to be hollowed out of two pieces of solid aluminium sandwiched together and then the final row of second stage injector’s put in place. Thanks to you both and good luck.

Sorry about the lack of posts but, Offstead decided to pay us a visit!

Four weeks of preparation and a full blown inspection for a week but, all is good and now its back to the build. Sorry about the gap but, now its full steam ahead!!

Regards Kev.

Just a little more engine work for RS to make good with their paint.

The full engine rebuild is now under way and the crank from no other than Steve Baker arrives this weekend and I will surely post the pics. Steve is notorious amongst the race scene and as you will see he can work any engine to the limit. Just wait for the pictures of the way he has worked the crank.

The engine build with pictures starts now and lets see what RS Paints can do with these cases.

The induction inlet is almost there so I thought I would start to put all the goodies I have bought into the engine. Every seal and bearing is going to be replaced and of course the legendary starter clutch. The oil pressure has been taken care of and extra oil lines to the rocker shafts  along with the feed to the turbo are now being fitted, I will admit the gravity from the turbo into the sump has been a pain but, the legendary John Emerson and Dave Price will get it. Of course RS will make the engine cases absolutly out of this world so please keep waching.