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People who do what they say they can!

They have actually done it.  Bob Kelly and Rob Barnes, when it comes to engineering something you do it!  I wish I had come to you last year.  Twelve wasted months on the first manifold that was never going to happen and now the bike is back on track.  Thank you both.

Just got to get final fixing dimensions for the map sensor and waste gate and the bosses that are welded in position can be finish machined and the end caps welded on the plenum. More pics to follow.


That’s the power taken care of

That’s the power taken care of.

Dreamland Motorcycle Paint Shop

Dreamland Motorcycle Paint Shop have very kindly offered to sponsor the paint job for the bike in its entirety – kudos to them and many thanks.

Anyone looking for a high quality finish to their ride should check out http://www.dreamlandmotorcyclepaintshop.co.uk/ – tell them Kev with the supercharged GPZ 900R sent you!

The back end on.

The back end on. It’s starting to look like something that I can actually sit on, as opposed to a metal monster.

This bike-building stuff is bloody hard … !

I am at present talking to people regarding power-coating the frame and wheels, and will have someone on board soon.

Regarding the rest of the bike, Dreamland Motorcycle Paint Shop have said that they’ll send me some designs and I’ll post them on here as soon as I get them.

Supercharger Line-Up

And they said it couldn’t be done!

High-Pressure Fuel Rail

Now that’s a high-pressure fuel rail!